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Avondale Common House
New Avondale Eatery and Distillery to Open
May 10, 2017
Birmingham picnic dinner
Birmingham Picnic Dinner
September 14, 2017
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Chef William Rogers, and wife Ellen Rogers opened Avondale Common House and Distillery in May on 3rd Avenue South in Avondale. William is operator and executive chef. And Ellen is operator, general manager, and business and events manager.

The Place

Inside the restaurant, a rough-hewn ambience greets guests with metal chairs and bar stools, an L-shaped bar, and wooden-plank tabletops below a ceiling of wave-shaped wooden slats and bottle groupings incorporated into the lighting. A banquette lines the window to the left. And to the right of the restaurant is the open kitchen where friendly faces wait for orders, and where Rogers and his staff are cooking. Lively music fills the space, adding happy notes to the upbeat ambience. Patio seating is also available.

The People

Chef Rogers comes to Avondale Common House and Distillery from The Grill at Iron City, where he was executive chef since 2013. Before his tenure at Iron City, he and Ellen both worked at Ocean where they met and later held their wedding reception. Ellen left her position as business and events manager at Sky Castle to run the new restaurant.

Favorite Fare

Avondale Common House and Distillery proudly serves Avondale Brewery’s beverages, and from a window at the bar you can even watch the bottling of their vodka and gin. We start with one of their brews, an Eat A Peach cocktail, and my version of the Blue Indian, without the splash of Sprite. Our server happily agrees and brings the cocktail minus the splash of soda. Good decision. It is served in a low ball, on the rocks. This rummy and fruity drink includes blueberry puree, is cranberry in color and lusciously thirst quenching.

When it comes to the food, this place lends itself to sharing. Our son, Jordan is with us tonight, so we order a round of appetizers to split: sticky bourbon maple fried wings, black-eyed pea hummus, fried green tomatoes, along with a watermelon BLT salad. The tender and meaty wings are large, golden, and glistening with their maple glaze. They are…

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